View Full Version : 46/60 needs members/merger

No One Special
02-02-2015, 05:41 PM
Does your team seem to have a few people that are camping and cant get them active?

Are they holding you back from making achievements due to their in-activeness?

Looking to cut the fat, but don't know how to fill those slots after?

There is a way to keep your active members active and work and grow at the same time.

Cowboys and Indians is looking for a team just like yours, to merge with us, to become more than what your faction could ever have achieved alone.

We hold 150-200 in WD, all bonus's maxed(that are current) and love a hella fight in Frontline

If you ever considered moving, cause the people around you just don't want to put in a little extra time or effort like you do, give us a shout.

Greater things could happen.

We are currently 46/60 and if we can hold our position with 46, just think were we could be with your active member and at 60

Contact me here.

GM is a requirement for contact with team.