View Full Version : Android Top 250 FORSAKEN HEROES is looking for new members

02-03-2015, 12:20 PM
Hello Knights,

Forsaken Heroes is a recent guild created by a group of strong players. Many of us have been playing Knd for over a year now and enjoying our conversations on Line as well as the game.
We have been Top 250 since started the guild and looking to get top 100/50 with more members.
Forsaken Heroes got #250 last Epic war and #90 last Blitz.

We are currently looking for active players. Everyone is welcome to join as long as they participate in events.
Our minimums are easy to achieve and gemming is appreciated but not required.
HC promotions are based on War/Raid performance and we have an open HC spot at the moment.
Smaller guilds are welcome to join as well.

If you are interested you can apply in game or contact me on Line. My line ID is ME.MORGOTH

Thanks for your time and hope to see you soon!