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02-04-2015, 05:18 PM
So in another example of the lack of any professional standards here, one of my players lost his toon a week ago. He opened the app and the toon he spent his hard earned money on was replaced with a fresh start. The toon was also missing from the guild. He was not linking accounts or doing anything that could have initiated this.

He has endured a week of near total silence from Gree. Not even an apology.

He completely missed raid boss - we are unsure whether to save him a slot for war.

Please fix this Gree. Not sure why corporate Gree bothers to pay the people that work on kingdom age. Just shameful. Zero pride in their work. Perhaps better suited to minimum wage jobs.

And yes he is a gemmer who has spent a long time developing his toon - another paying customer treated like garbage....

Why cant we just play this game without being constantly screwed with?

02-05-2015, 03:01 AM
Sad to hear jomama but gree doesn't seem capable of finding their way to forum lately.
So I don't have high hopes for that account :s

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02-05-2015, 08:51 AM
There are people waiting for that type of issue to be sorted out...expect up to and maybe longer than a 90 day wait.
If you read shook through some of the older topics, you will topics about this.

02-05-2015, 04:46 PM
What other business would it be acceptable to ose an account for even a day? No word - no apologies. What a joke.

02-06-2015, 10:08 AM
What other business would it be acceptable to ose an account for even a day? No word - no apologies. What a joke.

Remember Baela's game went on "holidays" for about a month..............hmm or still has not returned, cannot remember now

02-06-2015, 10:36 AM
Hi, Jomama -

I've sent you a PM about this with some questions for you. If you could take a peek at your inbox, that would be great.


02-12-2015, 04:18 PM
@ relic and GREE
At GREE we take account security extremely seriously. The following information is intended to help you protect your account and answer questions and concerns regarding Account Sharing, Proxy Servers, and Account Security.

Account sharing is against the GREE Terms of Service and can result in your account being banned. If a you are found to be sharing your account, regardless of the reasons why, we will be forced to take action against that account. Additionally, when you decide to share your account with other users, you are opening yourself up to serious risks including account theft. Even if you know and trust the person(s) you should NEVER share your account or any personal information. This includes your name, email address, passwords, or device ID. Protect your information, protect your account.

In regards to the usage of proxy servers, at GREE we understand there are times when users will have a legitimate reason to use web proxy services. However, over time, we have become aware of a class of proxy server designed specifically for our games. GREE games are designed to be compatible with generic web proxy servers, and therefore there is no need for special proxy servers for our games.

Proxy servers that are designed specifically for GREE games may have been architected to violate our Terms of Service. In particular, the ToS says:

You are responsible for all activities that occur under your Account whether or not you have knowledge of those activities. ... You further agree not to ... use or distribute cheats, exploits, automation software, bots, hacks, mods or any unauthorized third party software designed to modify any user’s experience with the Service.

If a proxy server designed specifically for GREE games is designed to modify any user's experience with the game, it will be considered unauthorized third party software and you will be found in violation of the Terms of Service. As a user, you are ultimately responsible if a proxy server you use violates the ToS. Additionally, using a proxy server can open up the risks of your personal account and device information being obtained by unauthorized parties. Please use this information to protect the security of your account.

02-12-2015, 04:19 PM
Your mother a long time?

02-15-2015, 09:24 AM
This was not a shared account nor was a proxy server in use.

After two weeks he got his account back but after two days he lost it again - this time it is in my guild but he cannot act and I am carrying a dead spot. Two days with no response from Gree. What is wrong with you Gree??????

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02-15-2015, 09:41 AM
This is not a easy fix apparently, and there are people still waiting from last year to get there accounts back, seen wait times posted on these boards 60-90+ days
Would say he was lucky to see it even for a short time. Think beala had to buy a new device to get hers back.
No matter how loud one gets on a issue, its not going to help. If anything they seem to listen less the louder people are, till they decide to ban them from the forums.

02-16-2015, 12:35 PM
What other business is this ok in.