View Full Version : Syndicate Goodfellows, 483 649 792, is recruiting

02-06-2015, 03:36 AM
Hi all,

Looking for a new syndicate, we have a few spots open.

We are a relaxed syndicate with a lot of active and loyal players. No military commando style rules and we don't use a chat app. We just use a simple set of rules and this works great. So just enjoy playing the game and try to reach as high as this style of playing will allow us.

Syndicate ranks around top 800 in wars and street assault. Our defense leader has 50M def.
We finish the raid bosses up to the normal goals.
More than 70 bonusses including payout +40%

- No chat requirement, no gold requirement, no cash donation requirement
- Be active, daily login
- Donate uzi's and bricks

Hope to see you.

The Goodfellows, 483 649 792

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