View Full Version : Join the executice housekeepers

Slimfit Jimmy Dee
02-08-2015, 01:56 PM
The executive housekeepers are searching for new players. We are top 750 to top 999 in all events. We have active, experienced and reliable officers. No requirements except activity. You can play the way you like and as often you like. All level and stats are welcome.

Syndicate bonuses:
Melee Def: 50%
Gun Def: 50%
Car Def: 45%
Armor Def: 30%
Explosive Def: 20%
Armor Att: 15%
Melee Att: 10%
Explosive Art: 5%
Def Building: 50%
Respect Increase: 50%
Building Output: 50%
Job Payout: 20%
Hideout Health: 15%
Hideout Damage: 5%
Influence Increase: 10%