View Full Version : if you need a great team....we need you...top 450

02-13-2015, 07:03 AM
Active, friendly, easy going syndicate that needs a few members to help us push forward and stay strong.

Ideally looking for a small/partial syndicate to join us. Please don't contact me about us joining you.

Recently lost some long term players who didn't like the accomplice aspect of the game and cut non actives.

no gold required

nice mix of time zones - stay running around the clock

established syndicate for over a year and a half - many bonuses purchased and/or maxed out, current count 160

make it to elite raid boss every time - anywhere from 22/27 - 25/27

epic boss - finish all days - some members complete 100 boss kills

5K WD points - not hard to achieve, excellent scouting, success for all

SLTQ - make it into higher levels, recently have completed a couple, syndicate first above individual, we succeed together

Group Me App - not required but useful for organizing/planning

No minimum cash required, donate what you can but all uzis and bricks are needed

Bring your 2nd avatar and grow stronger or take a step back from the stresses of high level play

Real life first - we do appreciate a notification if away for expended periods of time during synd events

we are a group of people that just want to play

please be at least 5 mil stats

PM me with questions/requests or join this group me room:


03-05-2015, 05:39 AM
Join before we complete day 5 of Epic Boss. Still have spots open.