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The Flash
02-14-2015, 04:40 AM
Are you looking for a high level active guild that goes on t10 runs? If you are then join Chaos Avengers!

Chaos Avengers

We are high level guild with space for those who are active and want a 'family' guild.

Level: 50+

Must use line (add Jdm or CA Andiemackie to apply)

War mins: 36 attacks in a war, and 16 in a fusion blitz

Our boosts:
7% Air

7% Spirit

8% Water

8% Earth

8% Fire

Extra info: Loyal and active members get HC, we are in alliance with Centurions (CENTS) which allows to do T10 runs. We are a friendly guild who do not mind helping low level members get to max level and get epics.