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Evil Mastermind
02-16-2015, 06:25 PM

02-17-2015, 09:54 AM
Any factions out there that would want a player that will consistently hit 75-100k in WD and 40mil in FL?

Is there a catch...sure. Factions have rules, but I have mine now too. I'm well past my addiction to the game and have been for months. I feel no need to log in 20-30 times a day to play GREE's schedule. I have a career and a family. I don't need a second job.

I will not play FLTQs ....and LTQs will be at my own discretion (which is usually not). So I may have some RB folders...I may not. Obviously not going to expect Indy RB prizes without donating folders. If Epic boss runs over a weekend, oh well. I will contribute on non-weekend days.

So if you want a scorer for the two main events and don't have an issue with me playing my way the rest of the time, then hit me up on groupme.


If no takers, then I will just keep it a solo mission and play it my way. Cheers.

We all sbs wecolme you and glad you have chosen to be whit us