View Full Version : Topp 1000 easy going faction looking for new members

02-16-2015, 09:37 PM
Looking for a fun faction that jokes around and tries to be stress free? Join ATTACK faction. We recently opened up a lot of room for new players if you think you are a good fit. We focus on active players who know the game. We don't require gold purchases and many of our players have never spent a cent. We currently have 28 active players with room for 28 more. In the wars we finish in the top 1000. We completed all 550 boss kills on the last faction event - and we did it with only 28 folks.

We aren't that active on Frontline (to be honest) but we are trying to be better about it. We want you to focus on improving your own base and stats and donate to the faction when you can. We keep track so if you don't do anything we may ask you what's up. But we only have two more air attack and three more sea attacks to buy before we run out of things worth buying or Gree starts adding more. If you have family events pop up, let us know and go have fun. We are all adults and most of us have kids so we know what comes first in life. We don't use external chat programs because they are just too much of a hassle. We play together, joke in the chat room, focus on faction events instead of individual events and help each other out.

Faction bonuses are:
Infantry Defense +35%
Ground Defense +35%
Air Defense +35%
Sea Defense +35%
Infantry Attack +35%
Ground Attack +35%
Air Attack +25%
Sea Attack +20%
Casualty Rate -10%
Defense Building +35%
Building Output +35%
Health Recovery Time -30%
Guild Increase +36

What are we looking for? You need to have 500 allies or close to it. We would like at least 200 million attack. Our strongest player is 35 billion and our weakest is in the mid 100s. If you want to be in a top 100 or 200 (or 500) faction, we probably aren't it. If you are in a top 2000 and want to move up or if your faction just isn't right for you and this sound like a good fit, come on over.

If you are interested, our alliance faction number is 486-434-525. Post a message on your wall saying you saw this and why you think you are a good fit. Come on over. Operators are standing by. Offer void where prohibited, some restrictions may apply, blah blah blah. :)