View Full Version : Need Legendary Loot? We are hitting working on lvl 75's and up

02-17-2015, 10:59 AM
We are working through the lvl 75s and up and are looking for people who might be interested in helping with some power for a chance at some legendary loot. Just hop into the below room for info. We post when a new boss comes up so you can jump in and hit and also when it goes down so you can hop back in to get your loot. We will be going around the clock tell done.


02-18-2015, 11:32 AM
Lvl 80s and up from now! We working on Elite :-)

02-19-2015, 11:54 AM
Lvl 100 bosses up non stop till the end to get You legendary loot! Click on the group me link to join our jump room

02-19-2015, 08:50 PM
What's the syndicate code?