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Ethan Lyons
02-23-2015, 08:31 PM
Hey everyone my name is Ethan and I am 16 years old. I am temporarily in the guild Trekkie. I am looking for a T25 guild that does not require me to buy gems every war/raid. I am active every day even during school hours. Here are some details about my Knights in-game.

1. I am Level 130
2. I have 3 maxed epic armors and working on my others.
3. I can contribute up to 3-4 mil a week.
4. My in-game name is MADD ACIDITY

How To Contact Me:
Line: lyonsden5
Skype: live:ethan5lyons

I will send pictures of my Knights, Kingdom, and Armors to the people who contact me and are interested in recruiting me. Thanks and Have A Great Day!

Aiden Donnelly
02-24-2015, 02:20 AM
Hey fellow Knights & Dragons followers,

If you play on Android and are looking to join a well established Max level 75 guild that's apart of the NR + Coal alliance then look no further,
Bring The Rain (BTR) are currently recruiting new members, we have only a few requirements...

You Must Be Level 70+
You Must Have Line App
You Must Be Active at All Wars & Raids

We DON'T expect you to purchase gems but saving them up for wars is requested,

Guild Stats:

Level 75 Max

Air Bonus 10% Max
Earth Bonus 10% Max
Water Bonus 10% Max
Spirit Bonus 10% Max
Fire Bonus 10% Max


To be apart of this amazing guild visit www.btrguild.com or add the ID: siraiden on the Line app,

My Friend Code: WBG-FPC-BDR


02-24-2015, 06:30 PM
Join DARQ! We are a consistent t50 iOS guild!
STOP! You have found the guild you are looking for. The DARQ Guild actively runs 3 main guild. DARQ Ops for advanced players, DARQ Braves for intermediate players, and DARQ Academy for the beginners. We welcome players from all skill levels to join us! We are consistently in t50! We have access to allow you to push T10/T25 ANY WEEK YOU WANT! We currently house over 60 active members looking to help each other grow! We are a guild looking to have fun and make friends. Weekly minimums are given each week and gemming is rarely a requirement. Promotions within the guild are always available and players are always moving up. ALL GUILDS ARE LEVEL 75!!! DARQ Ops has maxed elemental bonuses to ensure the most power for your knights. Msg me on Line and I'll get you started!

LINE ID: brandonman96

If you msg me on here I will get back to you within 24 hours, HOWEVER, Line is preferred!*