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02-25-2015, 06:34 PM
Here is an example.
The Queensland Barracks costs $2,644,311,296 to upgrade from level 9 to level 10.
In doing so your income from the building jumps $57,000,000 from $188,000,000 to $245,000,000.

The same building can now be upgraded to L11 which is new.

The cost to upgrade the Queensland Barracks from L10 to L11 is: $6,897,316
In doing so your income from the building jumps $123,000,000 from $245,000,000 to $368,000,000.

So it's 2.6B to get a level that gives a 57m income increase. And its 6.8m to get to the next level, which is a new and exciting GREE release(!) that gives you a 123m income increase.

The same cost / income realities exist for basically every building.
Who's in charge of the economic modelling over there? And oh, is this a glitch that you will break into my account and start removing my items/gold/bonuses/valour/God knows what for exploiting or did you do this with the intent of doing it and we csn go ahead and do what we do, which is play the game you provide for us, increasingly difficult though this may be.
Finally, do we need to concern ourselves that you will "patch" this on Friday, pushing the patch and causing a unit related android or iOS "exploit" to run amok over the weekend resulting in subsequent next level weirdness we assume is just your code release and work with only to have that become a "glitch," which we will be punished for, as opposed to you punishing the people who write and release buggy, untested code into the game? Or is all this redundant?

02-25-2015, 08:49 PM
Asked and answered....not a glitch and pricing is correct.

See: http://forums.gree.net/showthread.php?107452-ios-users-and-other-users-that-have-complained-are-now-using-latest-glitch&p=1473249&viewfull=1#post1473249

02-26-2015, 03:16 AM
Very good thanks, Dixie. I just wanted to ask it myself, explaining the whole issue that concerns me because of the way that GREE tends to reserve the right to redefine commonly understood things. Like a +1 bonus to energy regen is not actually going to raise your energy regen by +1, something I just received an email on from GREE support. In this case, the +1 is not related to the regen bonus you may receive. The "+1" is a variable, one which so far GREE won't define for me except to say "it depends." Add to that kind of thing the way that this question of "abuse," of the valor ships was "an abuse" if one level did it to generate money (which was not the intention of the valor units price and recycle rate,) and if another level used the same valor unit to generate money (which was not the intention of the valor unit price and recycle rate,) it was not "an abuse" reinforced my worry that things are not what they appear to be. It seems to depend on who asks the question, who answers it, and how that employee chooses to define things on the fly. All of which is subject to change without notice and that can result in anything from your account being taken to some of your items or money or bonuses being altered to nothing at all even though it is classified as a violation which might get you banned. Throw in the equipment issue, the plane glitch, then the return of equipment but without any definition of what it is or how or when it might be usable, and the sudden appearance of these oddly priced buildings seemed more like an error than a planned event. Further, the new bonus buildings have math that seems might be "uniquely defined" on initial examiniation. If GREE didn't intend it to be, and a player buys it and upgrades it, what will happen? Will they be treated like an Apollo or like an android glitcher for simply buying what is for sale? And if that question is asked again does the answer change? The history on this seems to indicate "it depends" which sucks if you lose and doesn't if you don't. Clementine also handled the questions regarding the award units for completing the missions - esp. the energy regen item people are calling +1 though it isn't, but including all non-awarded units. The statements I think I read by Clementine seemed to me to say these units had been awarded, and any further problems should be referred via ingame ticket. But when I did that my ticket was bounced, and I was told not to ask again. Thus the nine word proclamation you link to seemed sufficiently Delphic in nature that I sought further, more precise clarification, which resulted in my question being re-routed back to the words which caused me to become concerned. There is a pattern here, and the more I try to get it cleared up the more bizzare the situation becomes and more cryptic the responses become, which seems to me to also be reflected in the way the game is going. I don't appear to be alone in this, and am just trying to better understand the game I play so as to avoid further problems, which is not normally a problem with most things, but taken to some extremely chaotic extremes in every element concerning modern war.

groovy shags
02-26-2015, 03:43 AM
I just hope you guys keep funding GREE in buying your vaults. That is what keeps my glitch chasing alive! Every time there is enough crying for a fix, a new glitch pops up! I love it!