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bam bam.
02-27-2015, 04:43 PM
No thread we post is meant to shame you, we don't have to. You guys do that we'll enough with your lack of communication and by doing the opposite of what the community resounding tells you as a whole to do.

Inciting you guys to respond is what we have to do to get any meaningful communications from you.

Also locking a thread with a "?" At the end...rhetorical question I'm guessing.

We had a competition a few months ago as to which boost buildings we wanted, the winner (fountain of youth health regen) hasn't made it, in fact none of the top 5 have made it but a bunch we didn't ask for have come out with a gold price next to them. There may have even been two comps (one by us and one by you guys that had different winners but neither have made the cut).

Relic, don't fall into the trap of your predecessors, we are not your enemy. We are the community that pays your wages, we are the other half of the team, we are here to support you guys by giving you honest and accurate feedback and you guys are here to facilitate the progress of the product.

We should be on the same team. We pass you the ball and you should run with it. Not pull out your pocket knife, stab the ball and then say "game over!" As you throw the ball in the trash.

02-27-2015, 04:47 PM
All issues you have with GREE staff should be done via PM and not publicly. This is in our Code of Conduct.

Locking this one up too. Please send a PM if you would like this addressed.