View Full Version : Seeking active players or merge a 750 rank into ours

02-27-2015, 07:18 PM
Zombie Apocalypse (220 388 015) is recruiting! We're a world-wide faction with players in almost every time-zone. We do very well in Frontline and World Domination without requiring gold. We do well on faction events and with the help of some fresh, active players like you joining us, we can dial up the rank and haul in those prestige bonuses.

Also interested in merging another faction in as additional space can be made.

Our typical event performance (keep in mind most of us do not spend gold):

Front Line: Top 400-500
World Domination: Top 500-600
Raid Bosses: Complete Prestige, level 4 on masters even with increased hitpoints
Epic Bosses: Complete all 5 days last time
LTQ: Mostly Complete Prestige but thats where you come into play
Use docbot in wd

Our Bonuses:

Building Defense: 7/7 - 35%
Guild Size: 60 (41 members)
Infantry Defense: 7/7 - 35%
Ground Defense: 7/7- 35%
Health Recovery: 7/7 - 30%
Air Defense: 7/7 - 35%
Sea Defense: 7/7 - 35%
Building Output: 7/7 - 35%
Infantry Attack: 7/7 - 35%
Ground attack: 7/7 - 35%
Casualty Rate: 2/7 - 10%
Air Attack: 7/7 - 35%
Sea Attack: 5/7 - 25%

Active daily player
25k min wd
Groupme app
No donations but welcome if u can

We understand this is a game so life does come first.*

Interested...pm me for groupme link to chat.