View Full Version : [Android] UP is recruiting! top 10 guild in the Gyspy Alliance seeks new prospects!

UP Jen
03-02-2015, 09:16 PM
UP (Unicorn Prospects) is a top ten guild of gamers who like to chat, make new friends through online gaming and compete for a top epic now and then. We are seeking new recruits who will be active, go on runs with us and have fun. We have usually have weekend minimums that active players can achieve without gemming, except when we go on planned top runs. If you don't want to participate in a top run you can join our fully-maxed subguild Tempered Steel for the weekend -- gemming is optional. You should have some epics and be level 100 to join UP, but if you don't qualify we may have a position for you in Tempered Steel and will help you get stronger.

Our guild is a proud member of the Gypsy Alliance and now part of the 3d Family! Qualifying guild members have opportunities to go on top runs with UP or affiliated guilds, even #1 runs, almost every weekend. UP just hosted a top Gypsy raid and achieved #2 in the Dread Pirate Raid (2/22)!!

If this sounds like the right guild for you, please contact GM Antonio (lineid aka_Antonio) or Gypsy Wargod D (lineid d-prime) or pm me here on the forum. If you have any questions feel free to post any questions in this topic. Thanks and see you in-game!

Guild Level: Maxed

Elemental Bonuses: Maxed