View Full Version : Are you active? We want you!

03-05-2015, 07:09 AM
Do you contribute in all faction events? Tired of missing out on prizes because of dead weight? Well so are we! Modern War Killers is looking to purge all of the non-contributing players from our team who have lost interest in the game due to the changes in the dynamics. We've held on for too long hoping they would return to their old glory but that has not happened. Because of this, our faction ranks have stumbled back to mid 200's in Frontline and mid 300's in WD. We are looking to get back to a routine top 250 faction in WD and top 200 in Frontline (MINIMUM).

We have a mix of light gold and free players who have kept the faction moving at only 2/3 power. I'm looking to replace up to 20 players with new ACTIVE blood. If you are active in events, I can look past some stat deficiencies provided they are not so far off that you would be a target during WD. We are also accepting new accounts who are looking to grow and can contribute heavily in epic boss events.

All our bonuses are maxed! We use GroupMe for outside of game communication and it is required of all members. Come join us at invite code 569-989-386.

We are also open to another team merging with us if you are facing the same dilemma and looking to combine forces!