View Full Version : [Android] OverPrestige (Now Recruiting)

03-05-2015, 02:45 PM
Welcome to OverPrestige

Level: 29

GM: OP Shienno

Alliance: DK Empire

Fire: 7%
Water: 6%
Spirit: 7%
Earth: 7%
Air: 6%

Members: 20/26

Level 40+
Line Chat App (No Exceptions)
Active & Loyal Player
Mature Player

We are looking for active players that want to grow with us as a guild. We are a f2p top 500 guild. Our main guild is Death Knights so t1 runs are possible.

T25= 600-800 gems
T10= 2000 gems
T1= 5000 gems

If you are interested in joining Over Prestige, contact shienno or khaleesi00