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03-06-2015, 07:14 AM
I've really noticed the time to connect to the game increasing substantially as of late. I also continue to see that oftentimes, 'Connecting to server...' will appear indefinitely until I press the home button and try to connect again. This is completely frustrating and unacceptable. This happens to me on multiple devices so not isolated. Others in my faction have commented as well...anyone else seeing this?

03-06-2015, 07:21 AM
I have the same issues. It took me 40 minutes to get into the game the other day. This is while I'm on wifi at home. I have others in my faction to that are having the same problems. I'm not sure if this is more related to iOS users or both but I play on iOS and the log in times are getting really frustrating.

& The Horse U Rode In On
03-06-2015, 07:25 AM
I have 1 iOS and 2 Droid players and it is only on the iOS device. Update done, app deleted and reinstalled, full phone restart, all memory freed up - nothing helps except trying over and over again

03-06-2015, 07:25 AM
Since the most recent update (on ios) I have to reboot my phone before opening the game, then I get straight in. Otherwise it just hangs

03-06-2015, 08:55 AM
I have the exact same problem on my ipad and on my iphone. It has gotten worse since the last update. I wish we could go back a version when needed.

Cannot Connect To Server
03-09-2015, 03:58 AM
well the new updates have to upload ur private data and all the sites u briwsed and whp u phoned etc

the game could load faster for everyone and use far less data... someone pisted they could fix that in 8 months...if they run the game but imo it could be fixed in days.... gree make everything reload the data is massive now prob trying to stop local and ppl using things to cheat over players who just want to start and play?

the game can take over half hour to start and crash and then restart faster afyer all depends... the pop ups on cc slow down start up big time.

but whatevers going on these games ise far too much data and storage and its about time these issues was foxed before we need 4 tb and 5gb day data off networks.

03-09-2015, 07:04 AM
I started seeing the issue once the update for removing use of equipment took place. Idk if that's coincidence but make me wonder

03-09-2015, 07:21 AM
I have the same issue on my Ipad mini. 3 and 4 times closing and then reopening before I can get in

Agent Orange
03-09-2015, 01:24 PM
Read the thread here, http://forums.gree.net/showthread.php?112476-Unable-To-Log-Into-Game-iOS-and-Android

Also, are those who are having troubles using linking? That seems to be the biggest headache for me. Linking on iPhone 5/6 = having to delete and reinstall app every other log in when it works.

Yes this seems to have cropped up after the fiasco with that unit folks are not supposed to have so gree could be account sniffing.

03-09-2015, 01:41 PM
I looked at the space MW was using and it had grown to 13.7 gigs. I deleted MW then reinstalled it. Space used dropped to 129 megs. Phone and game worked better. Anybody know why MW grows like a cancer in your phone?

03-10-2015, 06:40 PM
Having trouble logging on tonite : iOS 8
Most recent MW update - non linked to game center