View Full Version : Looking but not touching

Brandon Barber
03-07-2015, 07:46 PM
Unless you want me too......hehe

Seriously though, I am looking for a high ranking faction willing to let my little ole self join up for the next few wd in order to get my permanent energy boost up. GreeD has made it impossible for us newer players to ever gain any of these bonuses without ponying up a few full paychecks at a time. I honestly am hoping they are getting tired of running the game and all the crying from the players and sell soon to a dev team that gives a hoot about the game and us as players. With all that said, my last couple factions were easily top 500 and i pulled my own weight even with my lowend stats. However, the last 2 months i have almost tripled my power and my iph grows exponentially every week. I am not however looking to be a permanent squatter, i can participate fully during fl as i have 4300 gunners left (ty again arjun) and will do as much as i can in wd. I jusr want a spot in a faction that gets permanent energy bonuses for a few cycles too help me out. Im on +9 this cycle and realize you cant really play this game without permanent energy boosts and my +1 from the guy i purchased with gold just isnt cutting it.

So if you arent completely turned off or bored out of your mind and wouldnt mind giving a newer longterm player a chance hit me up on here or in game....152469298