View Full Version : Is IOS down?

major willy
03-08-2015, 09:21 AM
Haven't been able to log on to IOS devise since Gree did maintenance. Android is fine. Anybody else having this same problem? Go figure Gree does "maintenance" and now I'm locked out.

03-08-2015, 11:42 AM
Im on iOS with 2 devices (iPad 2 and iPhone 6plus, both with iOS 8.1.3 and MW 5.0.5) No problems since maintenance shutdown is over.
Maybe a App restart and a device restart help.

03-08-2015, 04:49 PM
Same here!! I can log in on my android, but not my iPad Air 2 since the server maintenance!! I get the contacting the server message and i here the background music but it just keeps doing this endlessly. Here we go again!!

03-08-2015, 04:56 PM
No issue on mine! Try restart or power down on iOS. Or reinstall the game although you might be better off w/o it.