View Full Version : Can no longer hit EB 5 times on full health

03-08-2015, 11:23 AM
we use to be able to get 5 hits if we waited a couple minutes so the energy didn't go completely down .... is anyone else no longer to hit doing this strategy?

03-08-2015, 04:52 PM
It still work for me.

03-08-2015, 09:19 PM
Yeah it's screwy for me as well there's another. Member that's 500k lower than myself and is only hitting the bosses in the 50's twice and I'm almost on 4 hits running 2.5 bill

Captain Buck Slayer
03-09-2015, 12:20 AM
Its a glitch if you can.. Its always been a glitch so if they fixed it good for them.