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twelve twelve
03-08-2015, 08:44 PM
Well Gree, it seems you have started an event that was wanted by several here indirectly. Just add a reward unit now. Don't reinvent anything, its working fine as it is. Just throw in some units along the way.

Tons of people racing to rank up raiding and attacking to race to Apollo Captain now.

We will have many soon in the upper tier brackets.

See when you dangle a worthy carrot, many will bite. Game dynamics has changed. Isn't favourable to camp now.

People raiding, play smart. Dont raid the new gold boosts of your targets. It is to your benefit to let your targets to have their boosts up so that they can farm others who are higher ranked too. This will benefit you too as you can continually farm. Don't kill the golden goose(some bases are staying black as the target are not resetting due to boost hitting tactics).