View Full Version : An idea? accomplices/items??? fire sale???

03-09-2015, 08:25 PM
Gree the answer to accomplices is simple let players sell them back to you for gold now and if you bring them back later than just start from scratch? You know like adding the att/def of your accomplices together divide by 2 and receive that in gold, so for a minimum free player with just “Carey Dean” 1 gold. For those that have the building modifiers let them keep them with the added benefits.

The other thing and it’s been mentioned before I have 1000’s of items I cannot use ever, please let me give them away or dump them, game load times are horrible, I mean I just kicked a L188 and got another shotgun? 2att/1def like either of us really cares about losing or gaining this item.

Please Gree let us give these items back, just give me a recycle bin to dump them in, I mean I’m just 1 guy how can I manage to ensure that all these lethal weapons that I own stay outta the hands of the children!

Please Gree think of the children!!!What about the children!!!

thanx Ol n’Crippled

Guys you’re losing players last war I know it was 7 days but I fought the same syn 6 times??? Please fix this mess, please!!! I’m asking nicely and even with sugar on top, please???

Red BD
03-09-2015, 10:14 PM
Good idea, IMO. I doubt they'll go for it though. A bigger the company becomes (in ITS mind) the wiser it gets.
Why buy back things they don't feel they have to? Why let players sell surplus when it's more valuable as lottery winnings? And why react to a dip in players (if there was one)? Gree as an entity probably does not know of it yet-- and the management folks are probably scrambling to hide it.