View Full Version : Marley's Mission

03-10-2015, 12:17 PM
My daughter has leukemia and we need help please anyone who can help my little girl go to the link to see a picture of her and get more information we plan to take Marley to a hospital in Duarte, California we had a good experience there, they have helped us as parents understand leukemia better they've gave us so much help already. Were very excited about getting to California to start the process we even plan to temporarily move to Temecula where I have relatives that are helping me with a job and letting us stay at their home but bc of this we have to raise money and if we don't raise enough money we won't be able to go forward with any of it so I'm asking for your help anyway you can, if you know anyone that gives to charity or donates please tell them about Marley shes only 2. Thank you for your time please go to the link and donate, literally anything would help.