View Full Version : NYC Freebirds looking to rebuild!!!

03-19-2015, 11:57 AM
Join the NYC Freebirds! Finished 269th in Panama City, 386th in Russian Rampage, 447th in Costa Rica Carnage, 377th in German Gambit, 654th in Storming Spain. We're a well organised, motivated crew with plenty of international members so we battle 24/7. We're looking to rebuild and even a faction merger. We use Line app and communicate well.

We offer the following bonuses:

Health Regeneration -30% maxed
Building Output +35% maxed
Infantry Attack +35% maxed
Ground Attack +35% maxed
Air Attack +25%
Sea Attack +15%
Infantry Defense +35% maxed
Ground Defense +35% maxed
Air Defense +35% maxed
Sea Defense +35% maxed
Building Defense +35% maxed
Guild Member +30

Gold use is appreciated but not required.

We have 19 open spots. We're looking for experienced, motivated and team first minded players to help us get in the top 500 and beyond. Faction code is 310 477 725

03-22-2015, 08:03 AM