View Full Version : 1st NY Mountain-Looking for Active Players/Open to Merging

Stargazer Lilies
03-19-2015, 11:14 PM
We are rebuilding gold-free faction with room for at least 20 new active players. We are seeking individual active players, or group of active players, or top 1000 faction(s) who looking to move up. Will train if need. Main accounts with minis welcome. We are open to merging of one or more factions (ranked 800-1000) into our faction.

Minimum Requirement:
WD: 15-20k, participating in at least 10 wars
FL: 5-10m, participating in at least 5 wars
EB: 50 bosses
RB: Hitting 50% of bosses summoned, start at boss level 60 and higher
FTLQ: 1 or 2 kill per higher prestige level
Donation: None. We wanted you to focus on your IPH. We sell bricks or folders to raise funds to buy faction bonuses.
Communication: GroupMe is a must. Communication is mandatory for effective team coordination on events.

Miscellaneous: Leader and officers like to know who will be on and who cannot be on at later time, you will be expected to inform us in advance if you have good reason to not be on for the duration of event, you will be excused. It is that simple. In additional, we are clean faction with no constant of trash talk.

Ideal candidate do not have major ongoing family or external activity commitment (i.e. sports or something equivalent) to the point you only can play with us from time to time. We wanted you to spend the time having fun with us playing this game.

If you have never been in top 750 faction and are nervous about not meeting the requirement for WD, FL, EB, RB, and FTLQ, please relax. Give us a try, we will teach you the tricks. No the tricks doesn’t involve golds or burning up too much of health packs/energy coupons.

NY 1st Mountain Bonus:
Infantry Defense: 35% (Max)
Ground Defense: 35% (Max)
Air Defense: 35% (Max)
Sea Defense: 25% (Max)
Building Defense: 35% (Max)
Infantry Attack: 35% (Max)
Ground Attack: 25%
Air Attack: 20%
Sea Attack: 15%
Casualty Rate: -10%
Building Output: 35% (Max)
Health Regen Time: -30% (Max)

If interested or have more questions, please feel free to post question in here or PM me. You also can find me on GM. “Stargazer Lilies” is in following rooms: FL Coordination; MW Allies, Recruit, Jumpers, Market, & Chat; Mare & Mck & Misty; and Aslyn’s Room.

Thank you for your consideration,
Lily (NY1 Leader)

P.S. It would be nice if we have more gals joining us. I am the only gal in whole faction!