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Derrick Kelsay
03-22-2015, 11:57 PM
Maxed guild looking for potential recruits! We are a well oiled machine just looking for a minor tune up to replace a few. We have access to top runs, and love to help players grow contact the following on line app : Eaglewolf92,Orcheeze,Dragongods or feel free to reach us on our Facebook page just search Knights and Dragons Shadowed guild on tool bar

Ant venom
03-23-2015, 02:56 PM
U should also include ur previous rankings to give ppl a sense of what top runs u do and the guilds and also ur previous rankings to entice players and to give ppl a clearer meaning of a "well oiled machine needing minor tune-ups" through the rankings.

Ant venom

Derrick Kelsay
03-25-2015, 01:27 AM
I appreciate your feedback Venom, but I prefer to keep things short and simple... Sometimes listing everything can make a person lose interest same way a salesman can show to many options and often confuse a customer it's referred to talking yourself out of a sale...if I give you a nibble you will want more, are you following me on this? My style of marketing may not be the same as yours so we can agree to disagree no biggie
Since you ask some questions let me politely answer them for you...
Previous run was a raid despite not using gems and having other players out we managed to rank 120
Currently I am helping our brothers make a top ten run for fusions we are apart of an alliance I do not state things like this because all it brings is leachers,guild hoppers and could be said as a need to know basis if you would like to know more just contact us��
Thank you for your time,