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03-25-2015, 10:22 AM
That time again!

GWM (consistent top 250 team) has again cleared the roster and has open spots, come one come all! New accounts, old accounts, high stats or low....no requirements!

If interested join us here for a chat:

You're invited to my new group 'Forums' on GroupMe. Click here to join: https://groupme.com/join_group/9343143/x4ay3M

Talk soon!

03-26-2015, 07:34 AM
Room for around 10+ new members, friends or current team mates, join the link above for more details

03-27-2015, 09:52 PM
Also can accept a merge if interested

03-31-2015, 04:19 AM
Back to the top, 56/60 members, can make room for more if needed

04-03-2015, 08:54 AM
Synd so good, gotta be first page ��

04-05-2015, 11:36 AM
Synds unlocked after another great SA with all goals complete! Still have a few open spots, join the link above for more details :)

04-06-2015, 12:31 PM
That time of the day, back to the top, filling in nicely

04-09-2015, 05:52 PM
Over 24 hours since last post...acording to the rules, ready for a bump back to the top!

04-12-2015, 07:46 AM
We'll have a few more spots opened up after this war.

If your tiered of feeling like your carrying your team, not getting the rewards and results you want, come and join GWM.
We add great new additions constantly and continuously grow.

04-13-2015, 02:01 PM
War is over and space made for fresh faces once again!!!

Come with us on our push to top 150 :), no requirements so don't be shy

04-14-2015, 10:59 AM
Almost 24 hours since last post soooo....
Bump er up!

04-15-2015, 07:27 AM
Moving. On up!

Come have some laughs with us as we smash CC events

Will McKenzie
04-19-2015, 05:53 AM
Check your inbox....plz

04-29-2015, 09:51 PM
Back it up
Great round of events finished up and ready for some new teammates

05-04-2015, 09:21 PM
First page again
War over, house cleaned, spots open....join us on our epic climb to the top!

05-04-2015, 09:28 PM
10/10 IP bonus purchased...get you some of that!