View Full Version : Viking BANGER - Starting Fresh, Relax, Enjoy Game Again - 950 943 987

Steven Goss
03-26-2015, 04:28 PM
Viking Bangers

Top level players starting a fresh easy going faction, bring some enjoyment back to the game whilst remaining competitive.

Just over a month in, nearly maxed Stats (will be maxed before WD)

DL with 110b defence

Faction Code - 950 943 987

Groupme Recruit Chat ID: 12642800 (Viking BANGER RECRUIT ROOM)

We are a fully boosted team
950943987 faction code
-groupme for communication
-war os for Intel
-battle 24/7 so minimums should be no problem for free
-20 million frontline (new units) 48 hr
-10 million 24 hr
-40k minimum wd 3 day
-15k minimum wd 24 hr
-Small donation of 200m per cycle for walls and possible new faction bonuses
- 350 folder minimum for raid boss event
-faction ltq participation is a must
- starting new for challenge/ fun

Join up if you are active every day and want an easy going but competitive faction