View Full Version : locked out for 4 days now :mad:

Modern War Forum GF
03-30-2015, 08:49 AM
Nice timing to get locked out.

not a single sign of life on ticket send as soon as lockout started.

tried uninstall reinstall, tried log out of gamecenter.. All no dice

Sorry for the frustration on this. CS will assist you with this, though it might take a bit of time because they're suffering a bit of a backlog right now and tickets are answered in the order they're received.

BS on this.. Mini send a ticked on frontline and got an answer within Hours!

PRIORITIZE your flipping tickets GREE, locked out accounts need to be SOLVED quick especially now new stat inflation started. missing on 4 days of raid boss harvest and entire frontline THE account I build over years isnt worth anything ATM.