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Daniel-Son of Darius WAR
04-06-2015, 09:00 AM
It says Day I
Then, once days target of rival defeats is reached, it changes!
It becomes: more to defeat!
Then, if it is done, it changes again! And again and again!
And so on
But timer does not stop
It is not right
So if it was to be only one day 24 hour or 22 hour timer event
It should be done like this:
Beat 100+200+400+600+1000 rivals in one day!
Or just kill 2000 in one day
Gree amateurs programmers can't get it right, again
If I was paying real money for this game for this low standard service lol
All gems buyers are very happy about all this constant bullying, I guess

04-06-2015, 09:25 AM
What the hell are you going on about.

Day 1 was a PvP Guild quest with 5 stages.
Day 2 will be a PvP guild quest with 5 stages (probably)
Day 3 the same

Complete all 3 days and you'll get a wrapper prize. It is a straightforward quest like there have been many beyond count already...

I have done my fair share of ranting at gree but what you are saying is not making much sense to me i'm afraid.

Daniel-Son of Darius WAR
04-06-2015, 10:15 AM
It may be right what You are saying
It should be just clear target, like:
With the help of Your Guild Teammates, defeat some 2000 rivals in 24 hours, or 22 hours
Not just keep adding more and more targets
The thing is, it is confusing, it just looks like I see it in my previous post here
And I am sure there are more Guilds that see it like I do
It was not that hard to get 2000 kills, I guess, but it is not clear/confusing=not right
Case like this would be easy won in court against Gree
They should be more careful with these "tricks"

04-06-2015, 10:32 AM
I think they wanted to award more chests, thus the multiple stages for day one.

04-06-2015, 01:27 PM
There is an issue with the event timer though. The quest for 3 daily quests ends 2 hours before the 3rd daily would expire.

04-06-2015, 05:29 PM
I understood Daniel's point..I don't know why others couldn't.

And yes, that could be a disingenuous way to give out useless chests.

Laura TCK
04-06-2015, 11:16 PM
For me when it says Day 1 1/5 clearly shows 5 levels in the one day, a splash screen with the combined total could help for those that prefer that

04-07-2015, 02:57 PM
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