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Big Earn
04-12-2015, 10:04 AM
Thanks for reading.

We have just cleaned house and need to rebuild with strong, reliable and active players.

About us: We are an active, established syndicate with strong bonuses. In the current Army Base Brawl we are holding strong in the top 1500 with only 12 players (we just cut all the dead weight).
We need you to help us get to our previous glory!!

We are a chill and fun group and understand that your real life comes first. With that said we expect that you will be very active in syndicate goals and battles...but if something comes up and you can't, just communicate it to the group - we won't kick anyone for having a life!! But if you go "dark" on us without any explanation (BEFORE YOU GO DARK)... you will get removed.

Gold is not required - just be active, thats all we ask.

Edited to add: Most of us are in North America - however, we will happily take international players so we can battle around the clock.

Our current bonus roster:
Fight Respect Payout: 50%
Jobs Payout: 20%
Car Defense: 50%
Building Output: 50%
Melee Attack: 15%
Melee Defence: 50%
Gun Defense: 50%
Armor Attack: 20%
Armor Defense: 45%
Explosive Attack: 5%
Explosive Defence: 35%
Building Defense: 50%
Hideout Health: 15%
Hideout Damage: 5%
Influence Increase: 5%

What we are looking for:
20 million Attack/Defence Min
All will be considered but Lev 100+ will get first spots
Must participate in all syndicate goals and battles
Total of 2000 pts min per syndicate battles (if you battle 3 or 4 times this should be easy)
Donate $$ Weekly - there is currently no minimum to donate...but the more we donate the more bonuses we add
Donate all Bricks / Uzi's (again - no set minimum..if you are participating regularly this won't be an issue).

Come join us and help us break the top 500!!

Invite Code: 778745989

04-12-2015, 11:11 PM
would you like some help with buying more bonuses? if so, then please send me a pm.