View Full Version : CRAZY DRAGONS(iOS)IS RECRUITING MEMBERS (currently top 300) pushing for top 100.

04-20-2015, 12:23 PM
Crazy dragons is recruiting more people to push for top 100 then eventually do top 50 and top 25 pushes. We usually rank in the 300s but have potential to get to top 100. We have a solid core group that is always active and then of coarse the inactives that hold us back. We are looking for people to add to the core group so we can improve. No leeches. Contact me frostybudz on the line app or add me on game via friend code: XBQ-VVH-BDQ. We require a weekly min of 500k gold donation and line will soon be mandatory. We have 2 more elemental bonuses to go then will be fully maxed. We're currently level 67. We have high commander spots open for the active contributing member to the guild.