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04-20-2015, 02:10 PM
Well i have taken more than a year and a half break from this game and i opened it up and just wow, is with the crazy attack and defense stats!! i literally can not compete at all. i dont even know if this forum is active or if anyone will even remember me from when these forums were really active a few years back,
My code is 729 157 437 if anyone wants to add me, I need a clan who can help me hahah, i have such low stats compared to everyone else now. Pm me or reply on here :)

Danger Mouse
04-20-2015, 02:52 PM
Uninstall again and stay that way. Much better outcome. Trust me.

bam bam.
04-21-2015, 12:51 AM
Just read the forum and rethink your decision mate.

04-22-2015, 09:45 AM
im not looking to get serious with the game im just a bit bored hahah

Big John
04-22-2015, 11:04 AM
Join my faction.

Dog bite
04-22-2015, 05:53 PM
Take the dogs for a walk.
More Fun and better for you.

bam bam.
04-23-2015, 05:49 AM
im not looking to get serious with the game im just a bit bored hahah

Play clash of clans, empire z, DomiNations or boom beach. Not this game if your not currently heavily invested (heart and cash).

Here you get a game that is dysfunctional which is simply....not fun

04-23-2015, 06:02 AM
Fun, you would be better off going with something like Clash of Clans. At least it works, well supported and MANY MW guys have jumped over to it. That's not to say it doesn't have some issues (mainly with some players cheating) but at least the game doesn't suffer like MW and you know that it's well supported.

04-23-2015, 02:13 PM
thanks for the advice guys, i already play clash of clans and im pretty high level, ill probably give up this game in a week or so anyway lol