View Full Version : Join Bacon Slayers

Jason Corey Dykes
04-28-2015, 07:42 PM
Hello everyone bacon slayers is looking for 10 new slayers to join our guild. We have a strong core and are looking for active players to team up and push wars to the limit! Here are our credentials:

Guild level: 75 maxed stats

Alliance: 3d Majestic bulls

Requirments: 3eb armors. Level 50+

Line network contacts:
Beastmode0324 (gm)
Shroomenstine. (Gc)

Current rank in war: top 250

war time head count: 30+

If anyone is interested please use the line app to contact our gm or gc to get accepted our just search in anyone can join in the guild section of the game for (bacon slayers). Thanks for your time!