View Full Version : Relaxed Top 500 Faction Looking for 10 active players

05-04-2015, 09:27 AM
Are you in a faction that is stressing you out? Or maybe you are frustrated because other members of your faction just aren't active anymore. "Corpsman Up!" currently has 10 spots open (we could free up some more for a merger) and we are looking for a some active players to join us.

Corpman Up placed 435 in Japan and has been a top 1000 faction for the past 2 years. We are a relaxed group of guys who just play for the fun of it. Yes, we want everyone to be active, but we realize that MW is just a game and life happens.

If you want to join a low pressure, active faction ping us right away!

Faction Invite Code: 277 083 837
WeChat group name: Corpsman Up Chat

Our requirements are:

WeChat for chat
Active participation in all faction events unless you notify Faction Leader ahead of time.
Cash donation based on user ability.

Faction Bonuses:

Infantry Defense: MAX
Ground Defense: MAX
Air Defense: MAX
Sea Defense: MAX
Infantry Attack: MAX
Ground Attack: MAX
Air Attack: 4/7
Sea Attack: 3/7
Building Defense: MAX
Building Output: MAX
Health Regen Time: MAX
Casualty rate: 2/7
Guild Member Size: 42
Defense Leader: Attack: 654B Defense: 1073B