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Kent Chai
05-05-2015, 09:52 PM
$$-------------------->Rockys Army<--------------------$$

Guild Name: Rockys Army --- Multiple top 10 pushes!!!

Guild Level: 75 Maxed!

Guild Members: 39/40

*Leadership spots available!!


Requirements (If you do NOT meet the below criteria, Apply to our Sub-Guild "Rocky's Academy" and we will move you up once you are ready)

-LINE App is required!

-Level 70+

-For Guild Wars you MUST be able to fight in half the battles. Therefore if we have a 1 day war and our guild fights 15 battles, then you must fight a total of 30 times (15 battles X 4 energy=60 fights / 2=30). If you are below this # when the guild war is over, you may be removed to allow space for more active players.

-Armor requirements: must have at least 2 Epics or similar


-Guild Bonuses: Water 10%, Spirit 10%, Earth 10%, Fire 10%, Air 9%

-Last 5 war rankings are: #34, #48, #44, #55, #69! We now have access to a Top 3/10/25 push any week we want within the Touch Family! However, you must show your loyalty and exceed our Minimum War Requirements until you earn the privelige to push.

-Solid leadership and very friendly guild members

Guild Leadership stats

Guild Master: Att/def: 3,724/ 3,640 LVL 400+

Guild Sentinel: Att/def: 4,339 / 3,529 LVL 300+

Guild Champion: Att/def: 4,800 / 3,900 LVL 400+

How to join?

-Contact Guild Master on LINE ID - Rocky3692000 (BEST METHOD)

$$-------------------->Rockys Army<--------------------$$