View Full Version : (IOS) Jungle Cats Are Looking For Active Players

05-12-2015, 08:46 AM
Are you sick of being in a non active guild or getting low level prizes on wars and raids. We are in SAE alliance . If you are an active player , you could qualify for our Guild. Each week we have a push guild and a non push guild within our family, so every weekend you have the opportunity to push , if you want to . We are an adult guild , so please no minors under the age of 15. We are well experienced at pushing T3's and being successful. There is an interview process , We look for active players who want to grow and advance, this is why all must interview. But we will consider all levels , we do not require you to be over level 100. For new players we are more than willing to train you and help you achieve good armor. We require ACTIVITY, that is a must. Everyone over the age of 15 is welcomed to apply. We do have good gemmers in our guilds , but more are welcomed. Come join us.

To interview to become a member of our guilds
you MUST have Line app and apply :
Line app: hawkril or dddeanna70 to start the interview process .

Things we require for the interview are the following :

You need to friend one of the following ids: QD: XBR- DXR- RGP OR

We need a pic of castle with EB in it
( this must be a pic taken the day of applying)

We need of pic of knights ( go to Menu > My Knights )

We need pic of profile ( go to Menu> My Profile )