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05-14-2015, 11:47 PM
Title says most of it. Surely t25 shouldnt be stronger than t10 so that was a pretty dumb "display error", but to put ashenfire as new reward is just terrible. As a guild that always goes t50 in raid, we like to collect all epics even worse ones just for hoarding purposes and giving our members with worse armor a wider variety of gear. Ashenfire has been t25 twice already in the old reward system and that was in the Feb 7 raid and a war. Most people have 2-5 of this armor and really dont need more

I dont get why you allways change the initial reward so rigorously when people complain because this is like 1% of the community who will complain regardless and dont even do top runs. But anyway... Better options would have been:
- Raise t10 stats to be better than t25. T10 has been weak lately
- Change the reward less drastically. Judge Raptor Vargar Allseeing or even dragonkin wouldve been better.
- And next time think before you post rewards, the sudden change make the planning horrible.

Good week for yall no?

Lord P
05-15-2015, 06:28 AM
Anyone else have the impression the people running these rewards don't know what they're doing? I mean if I made that many mistakes at my job I would have been fired a while ago. As of late, the rewards for T25/T50 has been ridiculous more than acceptable.

The real issue here is that the Dragonforged normal armors are so weak, they don't know what to do for the T25 armors. Tomistian normal is 4732 stat points while Explorer's+ is 4797 and Centuric+ is 4890. Both epics are stronger than the T10 Dragonforged armor........ Gree really didn't have many options in this situation. So the lesson here should be the people complaining about the Overgrown Lifeplate....... now they get to gem for inferior armor.......... good job complainers.........lmao

Let me be clear about something....... Dragonforged armors are not worth the effort in leveling. More than twice the amount of leveling points, 23000+ points to level a Dragonforged normal armor compared to 9000+ for epics while the increase in stat points are in many cases worse than epic+. Unless you're going for a DF+, you're gonna pay more for less by going T10. Because of this Gree has to dumb down the T25 armors so the T10 armors don't look as weak as they are. Ashenfire+ coming in at 4520 stat points was always the natural T25 for DF normal armors this weak.

To make this new tier of armors work, the T10 armors need to be above 200 points better than the best epic+ armor in existence for the same element combination. If for no other reason than DF armors take so much resources to level. I haven't pushed for a DF armor and I have no plans to either until Gree does something about the cost vs benefit of current T10 armors. This weekend will be even easier than the resent Peacock+.

05-15-2015, 10:17 AM
Anyone else have the impression the people running these rewards don't know what they're doing? I mean if I made that many mistakes at my job I would have been fired a while ago.
My impression from companies like Gree, Efun etc. that distribute games they bought elsewhere is that they probrably run with a skeleton crew, having very likely 1 event creator to handle multiple games, so if someone like that goes on vacation/is sick/quits, they probably need to substitute in someone not familiar with all of those games...
(Efun's Hero Dream for ex. has had a string of facepalm-bad events for the past about 2 months: mostly "pick about 5 events from a pool of about 15, most of which with not exactly good rewards, make them last half a week and then repeat, repeat, repeat with the same pool of 15 to pick from...)

05-17-2015, 05:29 AM
The only reason i am glad they changed it is cause else the top 25 which we earned last week (minos+) would be overpowered the next week immediately.

Further more i agree those dragonforged armors cost an insane amount of armors to max those. They really gotto find a better balance in rewards

05-18-2015, 08:57 PM
Just a thought, but have you wondered if gree does this on purpose? Take for last raid:

The first raid rewards pop up and everyone who's about to run t25 are rejoicing. The people who were on the fence about t25 are all of a sudden buying gems and signing up for t25. T10 people whine and ponder if they should stick to t10 or jump ship and switch over to 25

Then they switch the rewards. T10 people are happy, and t25 people feel duped. But what can you do? You already bought gems and you are already committed and many don't have the discipline to sit on a pile of gems they already bought and wait for better rewards. Oh well, gotta spend those then, right?

Gree wins!