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Jason Corey Dykes
05-17-2015, 06:02 PM
***We have 6 positions open in a maxed guild for people who love to play knights and dragons and enjoy the friendships that make this game so much fun. We are a f2p (free to play) but our alliance does allow us to join a top 25/top 10 run if you have the gems to meet the requirements to run. Here are some of the credentials about our guild.
Guild: Bacon Slayers/Zebra Lovers

Level requirments: 50 +

Armor requirements:
3 Epic Boss (eb+), or Epic Armors.

Line Network id's:
Beastmode0324 (Guild Master)
Shroomenstine** (Guild Champion)

Alliance: 3d Majestic Bulls.

Guild statistics: level 75, Maxed Bonuses

Current War Statistics: Top 250
Current Raid Statistics: Top 250
Current Blitz Statistics: Top 500

Member Count During War: 30+

Sub Guild: Zebra Lovers
*** We will greet you with a warm welcome if you decide to come join us! Thanks for your time!