View Full Version : [DROID] Sofa King Pro is recruiting!

05-19-2015, 02:16 AM
Good day Knights,

Sofa King Pro is recruiting active players who want to help rebuild an almost maxed guild. SKP is:
- Lvl 75 (maxed)
- 3x 9% and 2x 10% bonuses (close to max)
- Part of Only the Best family and 3D alliance
- Rebuilding with eager and active members.

What SKP expect of you:
- lvl 70+
- 3 maxed epics / 4*+
- Active
- Can follow orders, and donate gold when you have spare.
- Prefferably have LINE messenger

To apply message Tuehi19 on LINE or send me a forum PM.

Join now and get in on the fun early. Dont be square ;)