View Full Version : [IOS] Rogue District 2 (sub to the t50 guild rD) is recruiting lv 50+

Aneria Heals
05-20-2015, 04:38 PM
Rogue District 2 is recruiting!

Who are we?

rD2 is a LV75 guild with all bonuses at 9%

We are the sub guild to the t50 (and sometimes t25 or even t10) guild Rogue District. We are a fun group and have non-push mins that are easly reached freely (Gems are only required for pushes. Once you get to lv 100 and have proven yourself loyal, you may even have a chance to move up to our main guild for further advancement. We are a place to learn and grow and then stay once you have :)

We are also members of the large SAE alliance that benefits all of our players (70+ guilds).

Recent Leaderboard Scores
Way of the Warriors War: rank #230 (the main guild finished t50 without it being an actual push....that means any gems spent were voluntary!)
Embermaiden Raid: rank #348 (we did this with all our own sub members and only 1/2 full!!!!! awesome for a growing sub with undergeared people!)
Mistral War: rank #121
Blitz 5/19: rank #20 (members of our main guild came over to fill us up and we did very well!!!!!)
Tomistoma Raid: rank #452

Requirements to Apply
Game level 50+
6 knights with armors that give at least 1k attack or defense
Age 15+
non-push mins: will be discussed with you once you join, but be assured, they are acheivable freely with activity (I'm actually F2P myself and have no issues with our mins)
Line app

Who to contact for an interview
Contact lovesangelrn or koethan on the line app for an interview

Aneria Heals
05-27-2015, 11:44 AM
We are progessing our sub guild :) get in now while the getting is good, and have a step above the competition to enter the main guild when spots open (main Rogue District placed #18 for this past war)

Aneria Heals
06-10-2015, 08:10 AM
bumpy! We did well for the war having only our sub members. The main guild placed #49 and it wasn't a planned push (meaning mins were set for f2p and gem spending was totally voluntary! ). We are a great little family, consider joining us ;)