View Full Version : Bring The Rain (BTR) - Proven Top 10 Guild - Regular Runs - Now Recruiting!

Aiden Donnelly
05-25-2015, 07:07 AM
Hey fellow Knights & Dragons followers,

If you play on Android and are looking to join a well established Max level 75 guild then look no further,
Bring The Rain (BTR) are currently recruiting new members, we have only a few requirements...

You Must Be Level 100+
You Must Have Line App
You Must Be Active at All Wars & Raids
You Must Have no issue defeating Level 2 raid bosses

We DON'T expect you to purchase gems but saving them up for wars/raids is required

Guild Stats:

Level 75 Max

Air Bonus 10% Max
Earth Bonus 10% Max
Water Bonus 10% Max
Spirit Bonus 10% Max
Fire Bonus 10% Max


To be apart of this amazing guild visit www.btrguild.com or add the ID: siraiden or shrapnelknd on the Line app,

My Friend Code: WBG-FPC-BDR