View Full Version : WD update still bugged

Cannot Connect To Server
06-05-2015, 03:37 AM
hi on the last WD update many ppl on the various chat groups talk of game force closing almost every hit...

for my game i could start hit close start hit close start hit hit regen hit close or maybe close.

get no results until 3/4 restart and cannot raid cannot visit and go faction members and msg all just fc.

now this WD its far worse ive start the game well over 30 times today just trying to start its running like a brick...buildings not all loading... news not loading every go..

have to keep wait for fc and restart to collect...

it did similar on last WD for many things soon as WD ended and game restarted it went back to its usual bugged up trash but at least it could start faster and collect... its had many issues since v5.0 but v5.1 is like usual... every update things get far worse....

are many here having same or similar issues as others are?