View Full Version : Upgrade times?

bam bam.
06-09-2015, 04:07 AM
Have the LTB upgrade times been extended?. It seems like it but I am not certain. I just had to delete and reinstall my app and the hours seem to of been extended even though I just earned upgrade time reduction during war. Have they changed or am I just a crazy paranoid?

The old LTBs for level 10 plus

Helios Von Elisar
06-09-2015, 04:47 AM
I managed to get the Gold Depository to level 12 before time ran out. That's the same as the last 3 LTBs before it.

Taking my Skywatchers Data Center to level 19 takes me 72.5 hours.

But if you're upgrading a money building past level 17 you're looking at a few weeks to get it maxed out.

bam bam.
06-09-2015, 05:04 AM
115hrs for me to take my artic mining rigs to lv20 and $40b each. It's more the level 10,s 11s n 12s that have seemingly higher time values. Maybe I have just upgraded all the ones with the shorter time values

06-09-2015, 08:32 AM
Yes they did bam bam. But the new ones I can do all gold free to level 20 in the time frame

And yes gree still sucks