View Full Version : Box-Event / Leaderboard-Event

Lord Vyper
06-09-2015, 06:42 AM

normally we have this kind of box-event together with Epic Boss. At this time of the cycle we usually have a guild-box-event where we have to collect 10 of 'whatever'....
Why did you change this? Most player really like the guild box event (and many are willing to spend gems to get 10 of 'whatever'). KA still survives because of the great community - and there is no better event for the community than the guild box event - even if the guild-rewards make no difference because nearly everone gets them - it is simply fun for many player - so please why did you take this away.

Most important question is: Will TOP 20 be still TOP 20 at the end? TOP 500 still TOP 500? Or do are we again n danger that it will bechanged a short time before the end of the event to TOP 10 and TOP 250?
Taking a look at the last leaderboard event and what was done there I can not believe that there are still gems spend on something that might be changed within seconds....

Laura TCK
06-09-2015, 08:17 AM
I agree Vyper I play the get 10 box event and want to open every hour when it's 100 then I simply just open with free option as no chance in getting on the leaderboard