View Full Version : Looking for muscle and/or a merge with a Top 250-1500 syndicate

06-10-2015, 05:37 AM
Due to unusual turnover we are looking to replace some muscle.

We are also open to mergers of 15-20 players (potentially from lower level syndicates looking for a step up). Must come to our syndicate. Have done 2 mergers previously with great success - must be active players for it to work.

About Us

7 bonuses to go
GroupMe required for communication
No drama syndicate
Gold purchase your choice
Donate what you collect on a Monday
Achievable individual goals
Fun team/ good Officers/ laid back Leader
Active players across US, UK, Europe & Australia

Us Lately:

Finished battle 259 (after the turnover)
Latest Street Assault finished 206. We always get 9/9 prize
Usually get to the 100's in RB but run out of time hope to finish it in-house in the not too distant future
Used to get all the Epic Boss goals before the recent changes
Finished the last Elite SLTQ.

We are looking for a good fit.

If you are interested.
PM me
Knock on the door 788079081 (Cash Money Brothers) or
Drop in for a chat https://app.groupme.com/join_group/13853307/uUyemS

06-13-2015, 05:55 AM