View Full Version : Jumping June, Jubilee July, and summer wishes.

06-10-2015, 01:11 PM
First Gree gave us, "March Madness".
And, it was good.
The tappers were happy, and they tapped.

How about "Jumping June" followed by "July Jubilee"?

What's that you say?

Why its the 60 day return of that boss that visited us way back in March.
No, he won't be changed, he won't be improved, he'll simply return and give us a go at him (nonstop if you want) for 60 great, tap filled days.
Remember your factions glee and delight when he first appeared?
Remember when you hit 150 and dude just kept reappearing?

Well, its time to have boss do an extended encore.

Come on Gree, you've got nothing to lose.
The big dogs didn't like him, but they have their fun anyway.
They can have the existing boss linger if that's their cup of tea.

Me and that March boss, became great pals.
I miss him, and things we did.
Please, bring him back.

While I'm wishing, what about a two tiered (even multi-tiered) WD?

Leave it way it is for the big dogs, and those that aspire to be big dogs, no problem.

Why not create a poor player's WD?
Yes, your eyes didn't deceive you, a poor player's WD.
A WD where gold can't be used, and each faction member is allowed four taps at the beginning, and four more after 30 minutes.
Yes, such a WD encourages participation and factions of 60 who participate FULLY should get rewarded APPROPRIATELY.
That should bring back what many players love, camaraderie, team spirit, and participation.