View Full Version : (APPLE) Sky11High is recruiting rank 320 17/34

Jean Hobbit LaBranche
06-14-2015, 06:43 PM
We'll see
Guild Rank: 320
Members: 17/34

Sky11High is a serious guild, we don't require that you spend a dime on gems, what we require is that you are active, we have 100% active members,
We require that you are on line chat channel

Guild Leader Line: polo11ralpha21
Guild Sentinel Line: ddragonimp

We have 3 HC positions open, however we have requirements
Lvl 100
On our line chat channel (Don't know what Line is? go to the apple store and type in Line, it's a chat program we use since knd doesn't give notifications)

The guild Sky11high is recruiting members, or entire guilds if they are small enough with enough good players
This guild has been around for better part of a year, all of our members are adults, we don't mind younger children however, in our experience we haven't been able to find active members of anyone less than 17.

In our raids our top 10 players are 2-3m a piece, we're looking for members who can achieve something of this caliber.

Bonuses: 8% in all elements
9% in water

Come Join us!