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06-15-2015, 03:29 PM
Knights United FC

Proud sub-guild of 'Retired Knights'.
Level: 5 | Elements:2 Levels of Element Bonuses | Top 5000 Guild | Player Level 11+ |'Free-to-Play

Come right in! Have a drink! Bash some Orcs and get ready to fight 'The Dark Prince!'

Knights United FC is a 4-day old, friendly Top 5000 (last Raid war) guild with a strong core of both Free-to-Play and gemming members.

Come join our guild and help make it a Top 1000 guild!

We are sub-guild to Retired Knights and part of the Gypsy Empire which provides access to top runs (T50 or better)
For higher level players, we have plenty of leadership positions available.
Leadership positions are earned.
✢ 3 Recent Epic Boss + armours (or similar) ✢
✢ Level 30 or above ✢
✢ Event Minimums for High Commanders and Above ✢
Guild Wars - 4 attack per day
Fusion Fighters Blitz – No Minimums
Guild Raids – 4 attack per day
(Mix of different level bosses based on armor setups)
✢ Line: Free Calls & Messaging ✢
Line is accepted but not a must but is for effectively communicating during and outside of guild events.
Line Contacts
WolfSlayer – xwolfslayerx
*Personal Information Removed*
IGN (In-game name):
KU xWolfslayer